Holo Morphology


Currently, students have a wide range of books, videos,
lectures and seminars from which they can learn. Besides that
during the practical exercices they under supervision of doctors get
possibility to develop their manual skills.
Theoretical knowledge is not enought, students must have
well-developed spatial vision to imagine course of root canals. In
order to make it easier to understand as well as to imagine it
spatially holographic application was created. It was developt to
work on Microsoft Hololens device which looks like bigger glasses but
contains micro-computer. It display data/application on user glasses
in the way that it look for user like it would exist in reality of our
enviroment. Application allow to display 3D objects in the way that
they can be rotated, zoom in/out and also penetrate.
Thanks to it, students learn basic informations about the anatomy of
pulp chambers and canals in a three-dimentional way.
Developt application focus on the Vertucci's clasification.
Vertucci divided the course of one canal or two canals in a single
root into eight types. The root of the tooth has been modeled in a
specially created software. Then root canal systems were applied. In
this way, holographic models have been created that can zoomed in
and out, moved and rotated in any direction. Student can listen to
speaker and at the same time can view desribed case id the 3D
dimention. It will help him remember new informations as well as
later work with the patient. Thanks to the spatial models, students
can more easily learn and what is more important – undrestand each
of eight Vertucci's types. The aim of the developt application was to
implement innovation in the student education process. Thanks to
the created application, it will be easier to transfer knowledge and
do it in a more interesting way then it was done before. Holographic
technology will certainly make life easier for both scientists and

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